8 Feb 2013

Spring has already arrived!

I went to Manchester centre city yesterday with the impossible mission of finding any gloves left. Although it is still wintertime, the shops have already started selling the spring collection and there is nothing left for the next cold months. And then the temptation: cheerful fashion in soft fabrics, announcing that weather is a state of mind. Here I am, there is a beautiful new dress in my wardrobe, waiting for sunshine to be wore... Would you like to see the new tendencies? I am just showing you some of my favourites labels at the moment:

Max Mara Spring Collection  2013 

I particularly find amazing the blue tone of this Max Mara dress. The orange bag looks great!

Michael Kors

Pinko is an Italian brand, which is fresh and elegant at the same time. You can find it at Harvey Nichols in Manchester. 


The espadrille reminds me my adolescence in Brazil during the eighties. By the way, the style was revived in the 1980's due to the success of the american series Miami Vice - Don Johnson, the main character used to wear it.

Michael Kors

I adore Hugo Boss, specially Boss Orange with its hippie style. It reminds me a lot of Brazil - the way Brazilians dress themselves. 

Boss Orange

What about you? Which are your favourite labels? What are you wearing this spring? I hope you enjoy this post. 

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