20 May 2014

Mrs Veranda

Mrs Veranda was very pale and feeling sad. Therefore we decided to give her a treat. We have polished and varnished the floor. We painted the furniture and bought new pillows. The result is a delight! Have a look yourself.

It was hard work but also a kind of therapy.  I worked listening to my favourite radio program. 


The garden furniture looks great in white.  However, some experts told me that they will get dark soon, because of the smoke of the cars. Which cars? I live in a small street in Switzerland! Anyway, let's see how long it lasts. 


If you want to refresh the look of your wooden garden furniture, follow the tips bellow:

1. Place the furniture away from any other furniture or objects you might harm when painting
2. If you are spray painting, pay attention to the direction of the wind ;)
3. Put some newspaper or plastic underneath the piece of furniture
4. Clean the furniture with soap
5. Scrape off any paint that is peeling from your garden furniture
6. Polish the wooden furniture
7. Choose the right colour, make sure that it is weather resistant 
8. Apply two coats of paint
9. Buy some new pillows and accessories for your outdoor furniture
10. If you plan to polish the floor as well, paint first the furniture and then treat the  floor
11. Don't forget to choose your favourite songs to listen while polishing and painting.

Have a lovely spring.