4 Dec 2016

The material of all possibilities

Hi-Macs is a  material that surprises you at first glance: its dramatic translucency and oscillating shapes hold your attention. 

Belonging to the new generation of solid surfaces Hi-Macs is produced with the most modern technology. The components are heated in a progressive tempering process, which sets this product apart from other mineral materials and produces strong and massive boards. 

Hi-Macs has a seamless look as it is joined using a special adhesive. This enables the creation of large island units and large surfaces areas that appear to have been made from a single piece.

Although strong as natural stone, Hi-Macs can  be sawn, routed or drilled in the with conventional carpenter's tools. Hi-Macs is definitely the material of all possibilities. When heated it becomes as smooth as plasticine and you can shape and press it however you wish. 

With time and usage the material becomes more beautiful as it gets a natural glance. By the way, Hi-Macs is a great choice if you want to achieve a special light effect. 

Easy-caring, hygienic, resistant against heat and several household chemicals, Hi-Macs is the ideal material for kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, etc...

Due to its sealant-free consistency, stains and scratches can be easily removed or resurfaced.

Hi-Mas can be used inside or outside. Would you like to impress someone? Choose this material for your facade or wall linings projects. 

Did you enjoy this product and would like to have some more information about it? Don't hesitate to contact the distributor in Switzerland.