11 Nov 2014

Verner Panton

Do you know that kind of furniture which is not only amazing but also makes you smile? Verner Panton created such pieces, like the Onion-shaped suspension light and the Shell  lamp.

However, Verner Panton never limited himself to one single object. He  designed lighting, furniture, wall panelling and textiles putting them in a context and incorporating the whole space into his creation. 

He was a kind of a gipsy, who once arranged his office in a VW van and travelled through Europe for three years. This experience definitely inspired him on his creations. 

I also like to the fact that he met the big love of his life in a small island in the Mediterranean sea (if you know me, you know the reason ;)

In the 70's he immersed himself into the world of colours and forms. For Verner Panton colour should resemble fireworks. 

Verner created the Panton chair (in white) in the 1960s, the world's first  moulded plastic chair  which is considered one of the masterpieces of Danish design. 

What an infant terrible he was! Nevertheless and above all, he was a businessman who learnt how to use his talent to make a life. It is great when somebody has a gift and knows how to use it! 

Pictures from Pinterest.