4 Dec 2016

The material of all possibilities

Hi-Macs is a  material that surprises you at first glance: its dramatic translucency and oscillating shapes hold your attention. 

Belonging to the new generation of solid surfaces Hi-Macs is produced with the most modern technology. The components are heated in a progressive tempering process, which sets this product apart from other mineral materials and produces strong and massive boards. 

Hi-Macs has a seamless look as it is joined using a special adhesive. This enables the creation of large island units and large surfaces areas that appear to have been made from a single piece.

Although strong as natural stone, Hi-Macs can  be sawn, routed or drilled in the with conventional carpenter's tools. Hi-Macs is definitely the material of all possibilities. When heated it becomes as smooth as plasticine and you can shape and press it however you wish. 

With time and usage the material becomes more beautiful as it gets a natural glance. By the way, Hi-Macs is a great choice if you want to achieve a special light effect. 

Easy-caring, hygienic, resistant against heat and several household chemicals, Hi-Macs is the ideal material for kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, etc...

Due to its sealant-free consistency, stains and scratches can be easily removed or resurfaced.

Hi-Mas can be used inside or outside. Would you like to impress someone? Choose this material for your facade or wall linings projects. 

Did you enjoy this product and would like to have some more information about it? Don't hesitate to contact the distributor in Switzerland. 

1 May 2016

Milano Design Week 2016

The Milano Design Week is a huge event. Besides the Salone, there are around 1000 events  spread all over the city. It was not my first time in Milan but I must say,  it was the time I most enjoyed the city: there was an inspiring mood in all Milan quarters. I have chosen some spots to show you:

Wall & Deco is the brand of the former advertising photographer Cristian Benini.  Knock, Knock is the name of the wallpaper which imitates an antique wall. Stunning!

When I met Rossana Orlandi some years ago in her gallery in Sardinia, I didn't know who she was.  Only visiting her Spazio in Milan that I realized how important she is for design and art in Italy. 

The Spazio's garden was illuminated by Pet Lamp pieces. The Pet Lamp project is an amazing up-cycling program. It is worth to visit the website and find out about its proposal. 

I also visited Antonio Marras store and was fascinated by this shop created within an old factory. Entering the store was like entering a fairy tale, drama and poetry everywhere.

There was also some room for Daniela Zedda's exhibition with her pictures exposed in panels. 

And then there was this garden with its beautiful flowers. So much beauty in my eyes!

I would like to thank my friends Thaís e Luci for company, pictures, guidance e accommodation. It was a very inspiring weekend. 

25 Jan 2016

Colour trends 2016

Hi There. Happy 2016! I would like to start the year showing you some trendy colours, which can bring some freshness and inspiration to your home. I selected my favourite ones:

Sand Rocks! This nuance of beige is a great combination with white and natural materials like stone, wood and leather, creating a fresh and modern ambience.

Blue is definitely the colour of the 2016 in interiors. The magazines are showing this colour in walls, furniture, accessories and carpets. Harmonise it with white, grey or sand colours and wood furniture. Thus you will create an inspiring and warm space.

Who said that pink is a colour only for girls? Rose hues and copper are in. I love them in walls, lamps, chairs and other accessories.  No matter which room you want to decorate, this colour will look great if combined with white, grey and bright flooring.

Have you realized that grey is present in most colour schemes above?  If you research on the internet you will find out that there is a psychological explanation for this. This colour gives a sense of belonging, acceptance and inclusion. Maybe people are looking for protection in such uncertain times? Undeniable is the elegance and sophistication that grey brings to an ambience.

I wish you a colourful 2016! Let's start the year with a lot of energy ;)

Pictures via Pinterest 

30 Nov 2015

Christmas Ornaments in Switzerland

And the  Christmas lights were switched on! Nowadays shops start selling Christmas ornaments in the middle of October. I don't like it very much as it puts people under pressure. I am not in hurry! I prefer enjoying autumn, its colours and its magic ambience.  Only at the end of November I begin to pay attention to the Christmas items. Therefore, I would like to present you some of my favourite Christmas adornments in Switzerland.

Inspired by the north Italian cities, Globus designed an elegant collection. Splendorous townhouses and palaces emanate noble charm. Red, gold and patina colours  revive the magnificence of great festivities.

Using wood elements, fake fur and alpine Italian style, Globus created ornaments which emit coziness and elegance. 

In my opinion Flamant is one of the most beautiful design shops in Zurich. I love its combinations of modern, classic and country chic design.  If you are fond of it too, pay a visit to the store in Seefeld. 

For chandeliers, gift boxes and fairy lights I recommend Interio. The arabic chandeliers create a mystic and warm ambience.  My children love Interio fairy lights. They are so playful!

For advent calendars, Depot has great ideas. My children are fascinated by those small bags full of surprises and lovely tiny presents.  

The most original presents you will find at Einzelstück. This is another shop with great design accessories and furniture. 

The show goes on. Decorate your home with love for your family and friends. If you have another ideas, please post it as a comment.