26 Sep 2013

A Wall to Wall Bookcase

I saw this picture few months ago at The Yvestown blog and I still have this great idea in my mind. 

It is such a beautiful bookcase, made with Ikea cupboards by a brilliant carpenter. Well done! 

I was, for a moment, jealous that my husband was not a carpenter and instead of building our bookshelf ourselves, we had to order it. 

4 Sep 2013

A converted barn in Mobberley

Before I left England, I had the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful house in Mobberley. The owner describes it as follows: Our barn is 300 years old and it was converted eight years ago. It used to be a cow shed previous to that. 

I love the entrance. The piano provides such elegance, telling us the mood of the house.

 Beautiful beams, doors and flooring welcome the visitor.

There is a combination of warmth and elegance in this home. Look at this lamp hanging from the first floor. You can see it from the corridors and from the floor below as well. 

 Amazing corridors

Lovely furniture

Never forget, a princess lives here. 

The rules of the house are: 1. a girl's bedroom must be pink!

2. a boy's bedroom must be red and blue!

I love the airplane lamp.

The second boy's bedroom, following the same colour scheme: red and blue

What do you prefer, an antique desk to philosophise about life?

Or a modern one to relax?

The sofa in front of the door surprises me! After all we don't have to be  obvious all the time!

A modern and white kitchen provides a clean look to the ambience

This corner is perfect for a cosy bench where the family can have its meals together. Lovely place to chat too!

 The guest room:any doubt that we are in England?

It is a pleasure to present this home, renovated and furnished with a lot with charm. When I visited this place I always had a good time there.  Thank you Vickie and family.