27 Sep 2012

Celebrating Roald Dahl, Celebrating Children

British people have a creative way of raising money. They manage to mix a good purpose with having some kind of fun. Tomorrow, the 28th of September, is the Dahlicious Dress up Day. Primary school children can dress up as any of Roald Dahl's fantastic characters and donate £1 for it. 

This is a wonderful event to raise money for Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity, which helps seriously ill and disabled children. Classrooms and companies across the country will be buzzing with Big Friendly Giants, Oompa-Loompas, Giant Peaches and all kinds of phizz-whizzing characters. 

Roald Dahl had a very difficult childhood and a life full of tragedy. Therefore he cared about children, specially those who had the world against them.

With his fantastic stories, he lead my daughter, who speaks already Portuguese, German and Swiss-german, to the pleasure of reading in English. I think I owe him something. 

Let's celebrate this great writer tomorrow and in this way also help children. 

19 Sep 2012

The Details book

What a lucky girl I am! My husband was in Sweden and came back with a beautiful present: Details at home is written in Swedish and English, and as the title suggests, is about details.

Details that catch your eyes

Details that make the difference. I particularly loved the flippers and the flipflops hanging on the wall.  They break the sterility of the ambience, making you laugh.

The authors, husband and wife team Ulf Huett Nilsson and Annika Huett, define their concept in this book:

“We’re often in a hurry to throw away, exchange or rebuild. But the details that create a personal feel don’t have to be new and expensive… In a hunt for fun and different stuff, we explored Sweden. We visited uniquely personal homes from north to south, peeking into room after room, and discovering that almost anything can be a fascinating detail… So give time to details. They might turn out to be the most beautiful things you own.”

They visited 32 homes in Sweden and captured in 650 pictures, different ambiences and ordinary objects as children's toys, kitchen cupboards and shelves with colourful dishware.  

Therefore I am delighted with the 192 pages of this book, with all these lovely  photographs that show us how details can be inspiring and make a house a home. 

If you would like to read an interview with the authors, click here. 

16 Sep 2012

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

The shows last week in New York presented a very sporty, graphic and ideal for daily use fashion. I am looking forward to the spring 2013, anyway. The picture above is from DKNY collection, one of my favourite labels. 

photo: Marie Claire