24 Jun 2013

The trouble and the delight of being Brazilian

My dear readers 

I have been living in several countries and I am very well integrated where I live at the moment but my essence is still Brazilian. 

Everything that I learnt  and I am, I owe to my friends, teachers and family in Brazil. 

The best gift they gave me was, probably,  the ability to adapt to different situations and to improvise when facing a problem. 

Therefore, in this moment of revolution in Brazil, it would be insensible of me talking about interior design. 

I wish all Brazilians, a lot of wisdom and serenity. It is time to enter a dialog to create the country we deserve. Oh, yes, I know how hard we work and how long we have been waiting for this moment. 

I am with you Brazil! Estou com vocês, brava gente!

13 Jun 2013

The delight of hiding a TV

Dear TV,

I know you try hard! In the last decades you have lost some weight, have become colourful and sophisticated. 

I am sorry to tell this but I still prefer you when you were younger. Nothing about your age but your appearance then was playful and cute. You had much more personality. You were a classic!

Now you are so thin and pale. Hence people have to find some solutions to hide you in cabinets, place you in a corner or even frame you: making your presence not so overwhelming.

Don't misunderstand me, I do appreciate the entertainment you provide. If I could afford it, I would have a room only for you, spoiling you as you deserve.

I wish some infant terrible designer could help you. Maybe Steve Jobs would have solved your problem. I am sure if he had lived longer he would bring his team to create something unique... Well, while we wait for some extraordinary creativity, let's enjoy ourselves. Hiding the TV should be a delight!

Nevertheless, be careful. There are beautiful ideas but some of them are not very practical. If you place your TV above eye-level, you can get a neck-ache. It is like sitting in the first row of a movie theatre. 

The TV above the fireplace looks great, the latter lending elegance to the goggle box. However, it only works if you are planning on watching TV  occasionally or never use the fireplace. What a shame! Here you can read more about it.

Picture below: natural materials, neutral colours, art pieces and flowers create a rustic ambience. The TV has only a supporting role. I like it. 

Make a surprise out of your cabinet!

In my opinion, the best TV units are made by the German company Hülsta.  You can choose the size of the furniture, combine TV cabinets, bookshelves and open compartments.  The sliding doors look very smart!

Magnolia Brussi

Magnolia Brussi

Thank you Dani and Evelyn for the idea. Image sources via my Pinterest board: Hiding the TV