1 May 2016

Milano Design Week 2016

The Milano Design Week is a huge event. Besides the Salone, there are around 1000 events  spread all over the city. It was not my first time in Milan but I must say,  it was the time I most enjoyed the city: there was an inspiring mood in all Milan quarters. I have chosen some spots to show you:

Wall & Deco is the brand of the former advertising photographer Cristian Benini.  Knock, Knock is the name of the wallpaper which imitates an antique wall. Stunning!

When I met Rossana Orlandi some years ago in her gallery in Sardinia, I didn't know who she was.  Only visiting her Spazio in Milan that I realized how important she is for design and art in Italy. 

The Spazio's garden was illuminated by Pet Lamp pieces. The Pet Lamp project is an amazing up-cycling program. It is worth to visit the website and find out about its proposal. 

I also visited Antonio Marras store and was fascinated by this shop created within an old factory. Entering the store was like entering a fairy tale, drama and poetry everywhere.

There was also some room for Daniela Zedda's exhibition with her pictures exposed in panels. 

And then there was this garden with its beautiful flowers. So much beauty in my eyes!

I would like to thank my friends Thaís e Luci for company, pictures, guidance e accommodation. It was a very inspiring weekend.