30 Jan 2013

Having an 'eye' - by Terence Conran

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Terence Conran is a well known designer, restaurateur, retailer, publisher and also a successful businessman. It was a pleasure to read his biography, an unusual one but good fun to read. Look what he says about having an 'eye':

I think to some extent 'having an eye' comes with the genes. But it can also be developed like other forms of intelligence and sensitivity by education, practice and passion. If children are encouraged to be interested in visual matters, it is amazing how often such latent skills can be prodded into action. 

Being receptive to the influences of other people is part of what having an 'eye' is all about. In my case, it happens all the time and I can't really identify one single most rewarding example, unless you count 'France', which I learned to love through the incomparable eye of Michael Wickham, or 'Italy', which I discovered through the eyes of Eduardo Paolozzi. 

What has changed as time goes on is my breadth of interest. When I was younger, I tended to be pretty selective about what I liked. As I got older, I saw the beauty in many more things. I remember that I used to hate Gaudi's buildings, but now I see the aesthetic point of his wild, quirky structures. 

Terence Conran

28 Jan 2013

Santa Maria

Are words adequate to express such sadness? I am deeply sorry for the tragedy in Santa Maria and would like to express my sincere condolences to the families of the victims. May you take comfort in knowing that an angel is watching over you. 

23 Jan 2013

2013 - The Year Of The Snake

As far as the Chinese calendar is concerned, the turbulence of 2012 will soon be finished as the year of the black dragon ends on February 4, 2013 and the year of the snake starts. It is a good excuse to buy an amazing bracelet, ins't it?


Snake has a keen mind and means wisdom in the Chinese horoscope. It is a smart and elegant animal that brings things safely to the right place at the right time. 


A snake is shy, cautious and a low-key animal and she won't attack its opponent, unless it's disturbed or hungry. In this case snakes are very fast and powerful. This means that conflicts started in 2012 and not yet resolved, can be well managed if you act prudently. If you don’t, the snake will bite you very quickly. 


Good news for creative people, 2013 will be a very productive year for them. Come on artists, it is high time you wrote that book, painted that picture, became an actor, etc!


The snake, also a symbol of femininity, has a strong feeling for beauty and aesthetics. When girls are born in a snake year, Chinese families celebrate it enthusiastically because they are considered attractive, charming and people believe they have got the sixth sense.

Have a great 2013!

17 Jan 2013

What Feng Shui says about the entrance

Still talking about the entrance: I told you last time that Feng Shui advises us to eliminate clutter at the entrance. Nevertheless, there are other Feng Shui principles about the entrance that I would like to tell you: it is important to create a strong, welcoming "landing space" for energy in the entryway. 

If the entrance is a problem area because of the house design, there are some Feng Shui principles you can use to make the house welcoming to guests and to occupants. 

A small entrance and a staircase facing the main door directly might be a problem, as the energy will follow the stairs, rushing up or down them. In this case you have to try to slow down the energy, focus it and then guide it to all areas of the main floor. Place strategically art pieces, objects of different shapes, textures and colours,  a vase of flower or a big plant. An eye-catching element like a charming lamp or chandelier is also advisable. You can place a mirror. However, mirrors should never face the entrance directly, as it pushes the energy away instead of drawing it in. 

If the first thing you face when you come into your home is a wall,  focus on making it carry beautiful, high quality of energy. You can do that placing art pieces,  a art collage wall, a row of lush tall plants, vibrant wall paint or all of the above. In this case a mirror is also recommendable but, as mentioned  before, never facing the entrance directly. 

Using these ideas you will create a clean entryway that makes people feel good about entering the house and adds happiness to their lives. 

All image sources can be found via my Pinterest Board: Entrances

14 Jan 2013

A Welcoming Entrance

We are entering a new year and I will begin it talking about the entrance. I have a new project in which I have to create an entryway for a customer. It is great starting 2013 with a new project! Let's get some inspiration:

When you arrive home, the entry of your house or apartment is the first room you see. It should provide a good feeling. After all, what is better then arriving home and step on a harmonic ambience that makes you forget the troubles and difficulties of the day-life, reminding you that this is home, a peaceful and comfortable place? 

The entrance sets the tone for the whole house and it is the first impression guests will get of your home. Therefore it is important to create a welcoming ambience.

You can use a nice sideboard or commode to keep keys, correspondence, shoes etc. 

However, avoid clutter at the entrance. A front entry way that is cluttered and blocked may signify that the occupant is feeling restricted. This is Feng Shui. Clearing the hallway may allow the occupant to become unblocked emotionally.

All image sources can be found via my Pinterest Board: Entrances

I love the hallway above. Although there is a grand entrance space, the designer preferred to keep it simple, placing only few pieces of furniture and some pictures. It is clear and open. Beautiful!

8 Jan 2013

Inspiration from the past

I recently watched the film The Young Victoria  and was impressed with the recreated interiors of the sets. The film is based on the early life and reign of Queen Victoria, in the late 19th century.

Rows of tassels, heavy curtains, carved ceilings and tufted furniture were all characteristics of the Victorian era. A house from this period was idealistically neatly divided in rooms, with public and private space carefully separated. 

Nowadays interior design is simpler  and homes are smaller. There is no need of a grand excess of ornament. However, antique pieces can be used to make an ambience more elegant. 

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Antique chandeliers, wallpapers, cornices and golden mirrors can create a classical interior if used in moderation. I love mixing antique and modern furniture. It adds a lot of personality to your design.