30 Nov 2015

Christmas Ornaments in Switzerland

And the  Christmas lights were switched on! Nowadays shops start selling Christmas ornaments in the middle of October. I don't like it very much as it puts people under pressure. I am not in hurry! I prefer enjoying autumn, its colours and its magic ambience.  Only at the end of November I begin to pay attention to the Christmas items. Therefore, I would like to present you some of my favourite Christmas adornments in Switzerland.

Inspired by the north Italian cities, Globus designed an elegant collection. Splendorous townhouses and palaces emanate noble charm. Red, gold and patina colours  revive the magnificence of great festivities.

Using wood elements, fake fur and alpine Italian style, Globus created ornaments which emit coziness and elegance. 

In my opinion Flamant is one of the most beautiful design shops in Zurich. I love its combinations of modern, classic and country chic design.  If you are fond of it too, pay a visit to the store in Seefeld. 

For chandeliers, gift boxes and fairy lights I recommend Interio. The arabic chandeliers create a mystic and warm ambience.  My children love Interio fairy lights. They are so playful!

For advent calendars, Depot has great ideas. My children are fascinated by those small bags full of surprises and lovely tiny presents.  

The most original presents you will find at Einzelst├╝ck. This is another shop with great design accessories and furniture. 

The show goes on. Decorate your home with love for your family and friends. If you have another ideas, please post it as a comment. 

23 Nov 2015

Blickfang 2015

I went yesterday to the Blickfang fair in Zurich. It was my first time in this exhibition. I was very impressed by the beauty and quality of the products. If I would have a dream store,  I would love to have many of those artifacts to sell. 

I made a selection of my favourites. I hope you enjoy it! The one below looks like a bag but it is a loudspeaker. I love the pattern and the sound is really good as demonstrated at the fair. 

I have seen amazing clothes and accessories with interesting design and high quality materials. 

There were many Scandinavian companies exposing their products like these sofas with playful design. Lovely!

Blickfang is now a must in my life! 

6 Nov 2015

Teen bedrooms

Designing a teenager bedroom can be very challenging as every teenager has its own style and firm ideas how her or his bedroom should look like. With some planing, teenagers should be allowed to express their tastes in their bedrooms. 

It is important to have in mind that teenagers have a different view of a bedroom than an adult. They want a bedroom to get lots of sleep, to hang out with their friends and relax. 

Before decorating you daughter or son's bedroom, ask them which colours and style they prefer and try to personalize the ambience according to her or his tastes. If possible, create some accessories (cushions, portraits, pictures, etc.) with them. 

Most girls love fairy lights in their bedrooms. Boys like to show their sport and music preferences. However, this is not a rule. It might be its opposite as well.  

Provide some room and furniture for  reading, studying and entertaining activities. Furniture and accessories must be practical and easy to care. 

Pictures from Pinterest