17 Jan 2013

What Feng Shui says about the entrance

Still talking about the entrance: I told you last time that Feng Shui advises us to eliminate clutter at the entrance. Nevertheless, there are other Feng Shui principles about the entrance that I would like to tell you: it is important to create a strong, welcoming "landing space" for energy in the entryway. 

If the entrance is a problem area because of the house design, there are some Feng Shui principles you can use to make the house welcoming to guests and to occupants. 

A small entrance and a staircase facing the main door directly might be a problem, as the energy will follow the stairs, rushing up or down them. In this case you have to try to slow down the energy, focus it and then guide it to all areas of the main floor. Place strategically art pieces, objects of different shapes, textures and colours,  a vase of flower or a big plant. An eye-catching element like a charming lamp or chandelier is also advisable. You can place a mirror. However, mirrors should never face the entrance directly, as it pushes the energy away instead of drawing it in. 

If the first thing you face when you come into your home is a wall,  focus on making it carry beautiful, high quality of energy. You can do that placing art pieces,  a art collage wall, a row of lush tall plants, vibrant wall paint or all of the above. In this case a mirror is also recommendable but, as mentioned  before, never facing the entrance directly. 

Using these ideas you will create a clean entryway that makes people feel good about entering the house and adds happiness to their lives. 

All image sources can be found via my Pinterest Board: Entrances

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